"...a thick, slightly chewy, totally addictive texture. This limited-edition Mastiha flavor has a slightly piney, woodsy taste which simultaneously cleansed our palate, but left us wanting just one more bite."

"the chewy, stretchy ice cream you need to know about... Lezzetli is poised to be a gateway drug into the world of chewy ice cream."


"...the Chios Vanilla is the one most worth seeking out: its vanilla bean flavor tinged with mastiha makes it both familiar and unusual. Top it with crushed pistachios and drizzle it with honey for maximum effect."

unique sweets.jpg

"I love this ice cream because it’s the most exotic, chewy, date-y ice cream I’ve ever had.”



Paulette Goto on Lezzetli's spiced date ice cream


"For so many other brands who are doing the same flavors over and over again, they really are stepping outside of the bounds to make you rethink just how delicious ice cream can really be."